Prediction, Analysis and Smart Mask based Social Distancing System for Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)


Project start date: 08/06/2020, End date: 07/11/2020

Main Objective

As part of COVID-19 Research Program initiated by The Research Council (TRC) to study the developments in covid-19 pandemic, The board has approved 28 research projects for funding. The IT department, the university of technology and applied science received a funding to study and develop system to understand the pandemic. This work is collaboration with experts from royal hospital, Oman.

Specific Objectives

1) Develop a mathematical model with different parameters which fits the number of infected cases/death cases with respect to the available data in Oman.

2) Develop a machine learning model to develop and validate a clinical score that will identify potential admittance in an intensive care unit facility for a laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 case.

3) Develop a Smart mask which can detect the temperature and safe distance of nearby persons within 1m-2m.

Reseach Team

Dr. Abraham Varghese

Principal Investigator

Dr. Huda Al Shuaily

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Saad Salman Ahmed

Head, Mathematics Department-IT, UTAS-HCT

Dr. Eduardo M. Lacap, Jr.

Statistician (IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2)

Dr. Vinu Sherimon


Mr. Shajidmon Kolamban

Research Assistant

Mr.Jagath Prasad Sreedhar

Research Assistant

Mr. Syed Rafeek Ahmed

Research Assistant

External Experts

Dr. Faryal Khamis

Department of Infectious Diseases, Royal Hospital

Dr. Hasina Al Harthi

Head of Research, Royal Hospital

Dr. Maher Al Bahrani

Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Royal Hospital,

Dr. Hamed Al Naamani

Department of Pharmaceutical Care, Royal Hospital,

Dr Sunil Jacob

Director, Robotic Centre, SCMS school of Engineering and Technology

Smart Mask based Social Distancing System for COVID-19

Face Shield to hinder a dirt or other contaminants accumulating over the mask or on the face gives additional safety and distancing. We developed an electronic gadget that will help in screening the person to maintain the safer distance and temperature to identify the chances/possibility of that person having COVID-19 or not. The ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the distance between the objects. Face shield will act as an additional safety gadget to the user preventing exposure to the dirt, body fluids or any such virus carrying particulates in the air coming in contact with the user’s face, also to an extend hindering the deposition of such contaminants over the facemask without causing any trouble to the user’s visibility. Both the mask and shield could be reused after cleansing them with disinfectants even with the commonly used soap or alcohol, and dried well, preferably under sunlight, or with UV for further sterilization. The electronic gadget is the special feature of the proposed mask that makes it more Smart or Smarter. The electronic gadget is a specially designed compact and durable smart sensing device that helps to screen the person from a safe distance of 1-3m helping in analysing the body’s thermal spectrum and analysing the acquired signatures to diagnose whether that person could be affected with COVID-19 or not. The thermal spectrum analysing gadget streams the data feed on to a portable screen or can be interfaced to any computer system to see the visual data output.

Smart Mask Gallery

About the Authors

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Mr. Jagath Prasad

Corresponding Author

Mr. Syed Rafeek Ahmed

Corresponding Author

Dr. Vinu Sherimon

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